Michelle Mersh Silver Band – Silver Jewellery of Distinction

Silver Wedding Bands


More and more people are now choosing alternatives to the traditional gold wedding ring in favour of platinum, rose gold or silver. When you see the exquisite collection of silver bands at ‘Michelle Mersh’ it isn’t difficult to see why. Handcrafted to absolute perfection, your Michelle Mersh silver band can be made with your exact wishes in mind. What’s more, if you need your wedding band to sit seamlessly with your engagement ring that can be arranged too.

The History of the Silver Wedding Band


Silver has been used for literally hundreds of years and holds a rich history – often used as a coinage as well as jewellery in years gone by. In fact the Lydians used silver coins as long ago as 700 BC – a use which spread throughout the Mediterranean region. So, silver has long been recognised for its value but it is also firmly associated with purity.


Why did silver symbolise purity? Well, the story is a romantic one – apt for weddings. The colour of silver is said to be reminiscent of the light of the moon, which has been considered for thousands of years to be the purest body in the earth’s night skies. The gleaming silvery shine of a silver band is accentuated when placed on a bride or grooms finger – capturing the theme of purity within the wedding jewellery itself.


Consulting, designing, crafting…


Michelle Mersh Silver Band jewellery is yours to treasure forever. It needs to be special, reflecting the essence of your special day and your life together as man & wife. With that in mind you can enjoy a full consultation of your individual ideas – taking pattern, finish, inscriptions, shape and precious stones into consideration. Then and only then will your silver band be designed and meticulously hand crafted.


Why not enquire further?


If you would like to arrange a one-to-one no-obligation consultation please call. As paying for a wedding is expensive enough we have made the price of calling low with an affordable 0333 number cost which will add up to no more than the amount of a local rate call.